Hose Specifications

At FPP we are offering FIVE types of proven performance hoses.
  • The very popular Series 3000 race hose features two layers of stainless steel braid and utilises the "bite on the braid" reusable 3000 series fittings. These fittings come in a huge range of shapes and fitting sizes -4 to -20 (¼" to 1 ¼")
  • Two types of push-lok hose (manufactured by Parker) are also available. Series 8000 Push-Lite is a high temp’ push-lok hose with a fiber exterior braid that is suited to carrying most fluids in automotive oil, fuel and water systems. Series 8600 Push-Lok is the industry standard blue synthetic rubber covered hose, and both Push-Lite and Push-Lok use the Series 8000 Push-Lite hose ends.
  • Pro-Crimp Professional Race Hose is the state of the art Teflon lined lightweight race hose that features an additional ceramic blanket between the liner and the cover. It also has an oversize convoluted liner allowing a minimum bend radius of just 3.5" for ½" I.D. hose.
  • Fragola’s 6000 Series PTFE lined Stainless Hose is most commonly used for brake systems and power steering hoses, where corrosive fluids are used. Stocked in -3, -6, and -8 sizes with aluminum and steel fitting options.
Full specifications and technical details are listed below. These hoses and fittings can be ordered directly by clicking on the Search Products tab above.

Series 3000 Stainless Race Hose

FPS Series 3000 Race Hose is manufactured to the highest aerospace quality standards for years of trouble free service under even the most demanding circumstances.
  • 500-1500 psi working pressure covers all of the oil, water, and fuel system you may encounter.
  • Two layers of rugged woven stainless steel.
  • Inner layer resists collapse and the outer layer protects abrasion.
  • Unique CPFE inner liner is compatible with all hydrocarbon or alcohol based fuels, along with synthetic and natural based lubricants.
  • Operating range of -40 to +150 C.
  • Designed to be used with FPS Series 3000 "billet" swivel hose ends.
As a rule of thumb, when selecting an A-N hose to replace a given size automotive hose, the dash size is the nominal size in 1/16". Example: -10, is 10/16" or equivalent 5/8" automotive hose. The A-N hose will be slightly smaller due to the wall thickness of the hose.

Tech tip: On some high vacuum applications FPS offers a stainless inner support spring as extra insurance against hose collapsing.

Technical Specifications

NOM. ID Part # A-N Size Working Pressure Vacuum Rating Min. Bend Radius Weight/FT
7/32" 700004 -4 1500 psi. 27in. hg. 2" 0.12 lbs
11/32" 700006 -6 1500 psi. 27in. hg. 2 1/2" 0.15 lbs
7/16" 700008 -8 1250 psi. 27 in. hg. 3 1/2" 0.18 lbs
9/16" 700010 -10 1250 psi. 27 in. hg. 4" 0.23 lbs
11/16" 700012 -12 1000 psi. 27 in. hg. 4 1/2" 0.28 lbs
7/8" 700016 -16 750 psi. 22 in. hg. 5 1/2" 0.40 lbs
1 1/8" 700020 -20 500 psi. 22 in. hg. 8" 0.61 lbs

Pro Crimp 1

Pro Crimp 2

Pro-Crimp Professional Race Hose Series I & II

This will be state-of-the-art for years to come!

Telefex, a major manufacturer of PTFE-lined hose, has teamed with Fragola Performance Systems to manufacture and market this phenomenal new hose designed specifically for racing.
  • The hose is made up of three distinct layers optimized for long life with the lightest weight advantage. The liner is made of oversized convoluted PTFE material. The convoluted design allows excellent flexibility and very tight bend radius.
  • The second layer is a non-absorbent ceramic material that acts as a heat barrier both to the fluid inside, and to the ambient under-hood air temperatures. NEEDS NO EXTRA FIRE SLEEVE!*
  • The Pro-Crimp Race hose is available with two different and distinctive outer braids.
Part # A-N Size Weight/Ft Vacuum Rating Max. Pressure Heat Block Fitting Pull Off Min. Bend Radius

Pro-Crimp 1

The lightest possible hose assembly, Pro-Crimp I is finished with an aramid fiber textile braid that has the same properties on Nomex and Kevler.
2000006 -6 0.096 28 in. hg. 1250 psi. 60%+ 1400 lbs. 2.5"
2000008 -8 0.140 28 in. hg. 1000 psi. 60%+ 1400 lbs. 3.5"
2000010 -10 0.154 28 in. hg. 750 psi. 60%+ 1000 lbs. 4.0"
2000012 -12 0.20 28 in. hg. 500 psi. 60%+ 750 lbs. 4.5"

Pro-Crimp 2

Many racing associates mandate stainless braided hose for fuel line applications, and Pro-Crimp II fits that bill. Manufactured with the same liner and ceramic heat barrier, the hose is wrapped with a distinctive stainless outer braid.
2100008 -8 0.186 28 in. hg. 1000 psi. 60%+ 1400 psi 3.5"
2100010 -10 0.220 28 in. hg. 750 psi. 60%+ 1000 psi 4.0"

Series 8600 Parker Push-Lok General Purpose Blue Hose

Parker Push-Lok is the performance standard for a multitude of applications. It is manufactured to the same rigorous standards as all of Parker's products. This hose performs well when used within the temperature and pressure parameters that it was designed for.
  • 250 PSI Maximum pressure allows for most oil, water, and fuel applications.
  • Synthetic rubber tube is covered with the one layer of textile braid, combined with another synthetic rubber cover.
  • Temperature range -40 to 100 C.
  • Sized in fractions and may be used with any push-on fitting. Fragola's Push-Lite hose ends work well with this type of hose.
Nom. I.D. Part Number Size A-N Size Max. Working Pressure Vacuum Rating Weight/FT
1/4" 860004 1/4" -4 250 psi. 28 in. hg. .09 lbs.
3/8" 860006 3/8" -6 250 psi. 28 in. hg. .11 lbs.
1/2" 860008 1/2" -8 250 psi. 28 in. hg. .18 lbs.
5/8" 860010 5/8" -10 250 psi. 15 in. hg. .19 lbs.
3/4" 860012 3/4" -12 250 psi. 15 in. hg. .24 lbs.

Series 8000 Push-Lite Race Hose

Series 8000 Push-Lite Race Hose is manufactured to the same rigorous standards of our 3000 Series Stainless Race Hose, the Push-Lite Hose is the perfect alternative when cost or weight is the main consideration.
  • 250 PSI, maximum working pressure allows for most automotive water, oil, and fuel system applications.
  • Inner layer of synthetic PKR covered with a fiber braid reinforcement, and wrapped with a weather resistant fiber cover.
  • Temperature range to 150 C.
  • Hose assemblies with Push-Lite hose are over half the weight of the same stainless hose assembly.
  • For high heat or higher-pressure applications, we recommend our light weight stainless band clamps.
8000 Series Push-Lite may be used in any number of automotive applications. If you are using fittings other than our 8000 Series Push-Lite Hose Ends, be sure to measure the hose barb diameter to determine the suitability. This hose is sized fractionally, but the suitability is at the sole determination of the end user.

Tech Tip: To ease the installation of any push on hose end, first dip the end of the hose in boiling water to soften it slightly (a heat gun also works well). Clamp the hose in a vise and oil the barbs with common motor oil. Push the hose over the barbs with one smooth movement.

A-N Size Nom. ID Part # Push-Lite Designation Max. Working Pressure Vacuum Rating Weight/FT
-4 1/4" 800004 1/4" -4 1500 psi. 27 in. hg. 0.12 lbs
-6 3/8" 800006 3/8" -6 1500 psi. 27 in. hg. 0.15 lbs
-8 1/2" 800008 1/2" -8 1250 psi. 27 in. hg. 0.18 lbs
-10 5/8" 800010 5/8" -10 1250 psi. 27 in. hg. 0.23 lbs
-12 3/4" 800012 3/4" -12 1000 psi. 27 in. hg. 0.28 lbs

6000 Series P.T.F.E.-Lined Stainless Hose

The properties of PTFE (Teflon) make it a natural for all highly corrosive applications like automotive brake fluid. PTFE also works well for hot oil and power steering fluid. The hose will take high pressure and cycle over and over without failure. This hose also handles nitrous oxide with ease.

PTFE powder is extruded into a smooth bore tube product. This tube is then fed into a machine that applies a woven stainless wire into the familiar braided pattern. The hose is inspected 100% and any flawed sections are discarded

Clear Cover Option for -3 Hose

Stainless braided hose can be abrasive to anything it comes in contact with. For that reason, Fragola Performance offers -3 with a clear plastic cover. The hose will not scratch aluminum panels or remove paint. The clear cover maintains the stainless braided look.
Size Part # Cover
-3 600013 Clear

Technical Specifications

Part # A-N Nom. ID Working Pressure Burst Pressure Min. Bend Radius
600003 -3 .125" 3000 psi. 12,000 psi. 2"
600006 -6 .312" 2500 psi. 10,000 psi. 3"
600008 -8 .405" 2000 psi. 8,000 psi. 5.25"

900065 -3 Braid Spreader

This handy tool makes it a snap to open up the braiding in order to seat the "olive" over the PTFE end of the hose. It also resizes the PTFE liner after cutting the hose to length.